Best of 2010

Tom Petty + Heartbreakers > Mojo
Peter Wolf > Midnight Souvenir
Mary Gauthier > The Foundling
Ron Wood > I Feel Like Playing
Neil Young > Le Noise
Black Crowes > Croweology
Los Lobos > Tin Can Trust
Roky Erickson > True Love Cast Out All Evil
Graham Parker > Imaginary Television
Lorenzo Bertocchini > Uncertain, Texas
Francesco Lucarelli > Find The Light
Antonio Zirilli > Trying To Get Out
Cheap Wine > Stay Alive

best songs:

Ron Wood : Why You Wanna Go And Do A Thing Like That For
Bruce Springsteen + Ray Davies : Better Things
Neil Young : Love and War
Lorenzo Bertocchini : You, Last Clean Shirt
Francesco Lucarelli : Pictures On The Wall
Antonio Zirilli : Growing Up

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