dieci grandi album dimenticati

Willie Nile > Willie Nile
Animals > Before We Were So Rudely Interrupted
Dr. Feelgood > Stupidity
John Cale > Paris 1919
Garland Jeffreys > Rock'n'Roll Adult
Moon Martin > Shots From A Cold Nightmare
Lee Fardon > The God Given Right
Little Feat > Chinese Work Songs
Lyle Lovett > Step Inside This House
Pete Townshend > Empty Glass
Steve Earle > El Corazon
PFM > Photos Of Ghost
Nick Lowe > Labour Of Lust
Robyn Hitchcock > Groovy Decay
Metro > Metro
Fleshtones > Roman Gods

Ok, me ne sono venuti 16, di getto. Ma i grandi album dimenticati sono ben di più... ne vogliamo ricordare altri nei commenti?

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