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Paul McCartney + Youth > The Fireman Electric Arguments

three-minutes records #2

American Music

The Man In The Bed


Bruce Springsteen > three-minute records

David Byrne & Brian Eno > Everything That Happens Will Happen Today

John Belushi Born To Rock & Roll # 2

John Belushi Born To Rock & Roll # 1

Ryan Adams & The Cardinals > Cardinology


My Lucky Day

Grateful Dead > Rocking The Cradle Egypt 1978

Massimo Bubola

Bruce Springsteen > Workin' On A Dream

Bruce Springsteen > Dream Baby Dream

Art Rock

Lucinda Williams > Little Honey

JJ Grey & Mofro > Orange Blossoms

Jesse Malin > On Your Sleeve

We The People

Steve Winwood > Nine Lives

Loup Garou

Berlin, guida all'ascolto

Lou Reed > Berlin Live At St.Ann's Warehouse

Joe Jackson > Rain